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Topic subjectBiggest OkayArtists' Album Disappointment For You
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20270, Biggest OkayArtists' Album Disappointment For You
Posted by lagism, Sat Jan-13-01 08:40 AM
simple question: which one of the okayartists disappointed you most with their album?

talk about latest releases of the okayartists, not the old ish they put out.


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20271, reflection eternal
Posted by prophetsun, Sat Jan-13-01 10:54 AM
the joint "africa" is not long enough......

i have to replay it over & over just to keep the groove going...

i hear the horns...

then the beat drops...

"life has been a constant battle...battle
rising above these crabs in a barrel"....

head steady noddin...

close eyes to ride the vibe

"these cats drink champagne to toast death & pain like slaves on a ship talkin bout who got the flyest chain"....

oh shit that line was tight....

that bamma just said slaves on a ship...flyest chain...oh sh*t, shorty got lyrics...

oh damn....hi-tek gettin down right now....

he got the chanting & singing...

still got the beat goin....

oh damn...

i feel it...

the crescendo is building...

just a little bit more & i'll be there...

right there

right there

right there...

"we the reflection of our ancestors....

thank you very much...

god bless you..god bless you...."


how you just gon leave me hangin like that?!?!?!

you can't take me there...and just leave me there!!!

you gotta finish now...

aww this some bullsh*t right here!!!!

man...imma hurt somebody...


this is what it is like listening to "africa"...

oh well....

gotta replay it...

-i aint lyin! this sh*t i'm makin up is true!!

20272, Agree 100%
Posted by Brandard, Sat Jan-13-01 11:34 AM
I feel you.

I just want more and more of it. Maybe there will be like an extended remix as a B-side or something.

God i want that track to just keep going....
20273, Yessir..
Posted by MellofromGI, Mon Jan-15-01 02:30 AM
I feel that, but WTF happens after that song is over. I dont own a backwards playing cd thingy, so I have no clue what goes on there?? Anyone know?
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20274, I love that track....
Posted by Mil, Sun Jan-14-01 07:38 PM
....but I wouldnt want them to cut any of the other tracks either.

Also... and how did this dissappoint you? Dissappoint meaning your expectations for what the album would bring, that is.

I'd have to say The Platform basically.... I mean... I dunno. Guess I wanted more. Dont listen to it really (least i copped it). I listen to all the other okay artist albums, and I even have a mix minidisk of all Kweli's old shit... which I have to edit by the way... still has "Some Kind Of Wonderful" on there... One thing about the RE.... what the hell happened to "The Express"? I loved that joint.

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20275, lwfc
Posted by kevb, Sat Jan-13-01 11:05 AM
20276, RE: lwfc
Posted by jigga, Tue Jan-16-01 04:09 PM

Just curious here, What does Opio have 2 do w/ LWFC?

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20277, easy
Posted by BigDOttawa, Sat Jan-13-01 11:18 AM
dice raw for sure. weak album, imo. dice is one of those mc's who i can only stand in small doses.(guest appearances)

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20278, easy
Posted by leaf, Mon Jan-15-01 02:41 AM

Canadian hip hop?:)
20279, no lie!!!!! DICE RAW WINS THIS POST!!!!!!
Posted by dj_teddy_bear, Mon Jan-15-01 08:20 AM
hes tight, but i missed him on the roots' tracks and toomuch of him isnt good to my ears, sorry...

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20280, no lie
Posted by L_O_Quent, Tue Jan-16-01 02:43 PM
I saw it at the used cd store today and it wasn't for the regular price that 2000 cd's it was cheaper.

It has my vote.

carry on

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20281, i agree and disagree
Posted by atruhead, Tue Jan-16-01 02:47 PM
>dice raw for sure.


dice is
>one of those mc's who
>i can only stand in
>small doses.(guest appearances)

Heres where I disagree, his album lacked substance and concept, and the beats couldve used work. But still he can rhyme, hes held it down the last 3 roots albums

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20282, this is not a diss
Posted by sundasill, Sat Jan-13-01 11:33 AM
dialated peoples gotta 8.5

i thought they could do 9.0/9.9 material

but hey thats what the second albums for

overall i like it but it had slight down moments

i havent heard dice's album to critic yet

but compared to most non-okayartist material
okayartist are over the top (not even suckin ass)
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20283, well this is a different scale
Posted by reefdogg, Sat Jan-13-01 11:52 AM
it may not be fair cause dice is only on his first album, but his is easily weaker than that of dilated, roots, dangelo, com, kweli, and jazzies

dice's album is a good freshman effort though .. i love react to his, 5 stages, lava, thin line, and if i only had words

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20284, RE: well this is a different scale
Posted by guest, Mon Jan-15-01 08:16 AM
if you're hot you're hot if you're not you're wack!

you should judge this album by its booty cover.

opus.... the okayheckler

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20285, It would be Dice, but...
Posted by alek, Sun Jan-14-01 12:17 AM
...but after hearing the new cuts on tour, I wasn't expecting much more than I got (only two deep tracks, weak production, can't listen all the way through and wouldn't want to anyway). So no disappointment.

So really Roots Come Alive is closest to a disappointing release (even though it still KILLS). I wanted tracks from a variety of years, some stuff from when songs were being worked out live for TFA and Illadelph, and some performances from 96-97 tours. Also some of the more adventurous material (covers, tricky remixes), and where were the solos? Not a live Roots experience without them.


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20286, Train of Thought!
Posted by guest, Sun Jan-14-01 01:11 AM
I only bought it because I thought it would grow on me...... It didn't. The production is WEAK and Kweli is BOOOOOOOOOORING. He sounds like some Common copy.

One luv


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20287, Okay...
Posted by alek, Sun Jan-14-01 09:58 AM
>I only bought it because I
>thought it would grow on
>me...... It didn't. The production
>is WEAK and Kweli is

It might still grow on you. Don't give up hope.

>He sounds like some
>Common copy.

Hmmm. I was puzzled by this, so I listened to them together on Pharoah's "The Truth" and "Respiration." I didn't see it at all. Can you explain why?


It's Planet Asia week:

"It's off the hook, yeah we took it there..."

"This be that cold shit of course, cause I was forced by the streets to rock beats and sell source..."

"A father ain't a father till he furthers your existence..."

"In a couple of seconds you'll be feeling fondled..."

"You got a beeper, but still you comin' up with lint..."
20288, RE: Train of Thought!
Posted by illosopher, Tue Jan-16-01 12:14 PM
>I only bought it because I
>thought it would grow on
>me...... It didn't. The production
>is WEAK and Kweli is
>BOOOOOOOOOORING. He sounds like some
>Common copy.

A producer friend of mine told me upon reading this, to stop smoking those blunts laced wet, heroin, crack, dust and e.

20289, Like Water For Chocolate.
Posted by guest, Sun Jan-14-01 12:43 PM

20290, RE: Like Water For Chocolate.
Posted by tha whut, Mon Jan-15-01 06:46 AM
i second that. way too soft on the production . i've heard skeelo come harder.

i'm so ahead of my time when talk
there's a 7 second delay wordsworth
20291, Like Water For Crap
Posted by guest, Mon Jan-15-01 08:13 AM

opus.... the okayheckler

the masterminds
we got joints!

the amphibians
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Posted by TRENDone, Sun Jan-14-01 05:30 PM
20293, LWFC was a beautiful album
Posted by guest, Wed Jan-17-01 05:55 AM
LWFC had no flaws at all in my opinion. I don't get how anyone can say it was a disappointment. Everyone has their own opinion, but LWFC is to me is far from a disappointment. I think this cd brought Com closer to mainstream than any of his other albums did. I also think is Ghetto Heaven remix is the shit. I just get tired of alot of Okayplayers trying to criticize every track that isn't normal for an okayartists.
20294, RE: Biggest OkayArtists' Album Disappointment For You
Posted by synonomous, Sun Jan-14-01 08:30 PM
I don't know how you could say RE was dissappointing, I loved that shit. I could listen to the entire album from beginning to end, and its like a journey.

Like water for chocolate, though there are definitely some songs that I tend to skip, definitely made me happy, mostly because of song for assatta, geto heaven 2, the light, 6th sense, ok, that part about songs a skip... ignore it

The Platform is hot, I mean, it doesn't have your typical Okayartist depth, imo, but the beats are great, and it just gets me pumped, if im listenin in my car, i have a hard time controlling the steering wheel

Come Alive - It takes me back to their concerts everytime I listen to it, doesn't have every song on there, but it wasn't supposed to be "the entire roots collection comes alive" soo....

My dissappointment would have to be dice raw. I can't listen to much of the album, and I think who ever said this put it best when they said they only like dice in small doses, one verse per song, guest appearances dot dot dot...

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20295, RE: Biggest OkayArtists' Album Disappointment For You
Posted by guest, Tue Jan-16-01 12:21 PM
Reflection was tight and it had to grow on me, Dice Raw has grown on me eventhough it is not up there but that damn Dilated is trash. I try playing it over and over but I still can't feel em.

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20296, Tie between TFA and LWFC n/m
Posted by nonseq, Tue Jan-16-01 02:55 PM
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20297, WARNING!!
Posted by Solarus, Tue Jan-16-01 05:15 PM

Anyone who posted Talib Kweli's "Reflection Eternal" and Common's "Like Water for Chocolate" as the biggesty disappointment shall be hunted down with dogs then severely beaten. And if you said "Reflection Eternal," you'll also be lacerated with a thousand small cuts and then thrown into a tub of alcohol.

NEVER commit such blasphemy again.

Please forgive them Lord Kweli.


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20298, RE: Biggest OkayArtists' Album Disappointment For You
Posted by guest, Tue Jan-16-01 06:19 PM
Mine would have to be Voodoo. I liked it, but it got old really quick. I guess since there was so much hype built around it, I expected more. But he made of for it during his live performances. When it comes to performing none of his peers can touch him!