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Topic subjectRE: the show will go on.
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20261, RE: the show will go on.
Posted by REDeye, Sat Jan-20-01 12:10 PM
For the record, I'm not trying to shit on the film. It's not like I have some agenda to ruin to movie (though I will always try to discourage people from seeing bad movies).

The original post seemed to be asking for speculation, so I gave my assessment of the situation. I'm sure it's not so horrible as to be unwatchable, simply for the fact that the music should be good and there are people in it who are interesting.

I liked Slam (to a certain degree), but I'm not completely convinced of Marc Levin's talent, nor do I believe he has completely mastered the workshop-style of writing/directing. He's no Mike Leigh.

In any event, enjoy the slopes.

>by the way....slamdance is the mcdowell's
>to sundance's mcdonalds.

LOL! That's fucked up. Slamdance is legit! It's quickly becoming what Sundance USED to be. If Sundance is McDonald's, Slamdance is more like your local non-chain burger joint - inconsistent quality, second-rate storefront, but the original owners are still doing this because they love making burgers.

Oh yeah - go see White Face! A serious comedy about racism. (Look for my name in the credits!)


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