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Topic subjectRE: the show will go on.
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20259, RE: the show will go on.
Posted by handle, Sat Jan-20-01 10:08 AM

>redye does have a good point
>too. this has been a
>horrible year for artisan. this
>film got the okay based
>on the revenue that "blair
>witch" pulled in. then they
>fucked around and pissed that
>shit back into that horrible
>ass sequel. --ok i didn't
>see it, so i could
>sound like red, but i
>heard from mad people it
>sucked (and i loved the

The reason I trust this is that I have a frame of refrence for qoolquest. From this board I know his opinions on other things and have made the judgement that he is credible. And any friend of qoolquest is a friend of mine.