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Topic subjectthe show will go on.
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20258, the show will go on.
Posted by qoolquest, Fri Jan-19-01 10:44 PM
hey. everyone is kinda correct in their opinion here.
i've yet to see the final results, but i doubt this film has the makings of academy award fodder. but i doubt that it's "body rock" either. and from scoring it. i think riq has serious amazing potential.

redye does have a good point too. this has been a horrible year for artisan. this film got the okay based on the revenue that "blair witch" pulled in. then they fucked around and pissed that shit back into that horrible ass sequel. --ok i didn't see it, so i could sound like red, but i heard from mad people it sucked (and i loved the original).

so perhaps any chance that artisan dude has to sell his film to a sucker ass company will be ixnayed if buzz gets out that the film is not good.


i'm chillin in a fly ass utah cabin on some ghetto shit (fuck this romantic ass fireplace shit, i got the stove, oven, microwave, hair dryer, iron, hot water from shower, etc on to keep this biatch warm!) waiting to see if indeed the federal marshall shuts us down tommorow.

not to worry, we are also doing a show with jack johnson (whoever he is) on sunday for sundance.

by the way....slamdance is the mcdowell's to sundance's mcdonalds.


2001 is scarlet player year. here is my ish list.........

emmc (and all of his surnames)- those dickhead ass "steve" posts.
kaleel- insecure ass motherfucker, scurred of losing his wife to black thought.