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20250, okaaaaaaaay
Posted by REDeye, Fri Jan-19-01 04:31 PM
Speaking of ignorance...

Since you obviously know nothing about me or what I know, you should be last person giving a lecture on ignorance.

Now, having said that, and also admitting that I haven't seen the movie, there is enough in the article - and the several other articles posted all over the internet, for anyone who cares to search - to get the sense that "legal issues" are probably the least likely reason for not allowing the film to be shown. Artisan has threatened legal action IF the film is shown. Aside from being barred by the distrubutor, there can be no other legal issues involved. What, you think Marc Levin hijacked the film a la "Burn Hollywood Burn" and tried to show it? You think that if there was some contractual obligation to premiere the film somewhere else or at a later time, they wouldn't have just mentioned that?

Furthermore, I have it from more than one source that the film blows. Of course, that is just a matter of opinion(s). Just as there are some people out there who thought "Belly" was a good movie, some might think this film is good too.

Incidentally, I know more than a few things about the movie business, as well as film festivals, having been in and around this business for close to a decade. Not to say I know everything. I'm not even saying that I'm 100% right. But all indicators point to the distributor getting cold feet. Feel free to speculate on why that is, but legal issues don't lead to cold feet.

In any event, regardless of the real reason Artisan blocked the showing, I am sure the film will be critically panned once it finally reaches an audience. You may not put much credence in the words of, um, pundits. You may even like the movie. But the I stand by my prediction: the movie is garbage.

Now, if you simply want to figure out which of us can find the most inventive ways to call the other ignorant or stupid, go ahead. I have a thesaurus too - we can play that game until they delete us.

Otherwise, I dare you to post an intelligent reply.

Simple-minded half-wit.


I'm still writing 20th century on all my checks.