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Topic subjecthave fun
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20083, have fun
Posted by polar, Thu Jan-18-01 02:43 PM
bro. Keep making it happen and we will continue to love it and benefit. You are a lucky guy. Hope you have no plans of work today, (or more importantly tomorrow). Peace.

"drugs are bad, mmmmkay?"

"You don't make enough bread to soak up all your liquor" - Plug Won

"swim in the dangerous part,building with thirsty mammals/white men scream -'swim Starks sharks!'" - Tony Starks

"I don't want you for my baby or even my old lady you're just overcast and your ass is shady" Slim Kid Tre

"When I'm in the sound-proof booth I get loose" - Del.

"Is every nigga with dreds for the cause, is every nigga with gold for the fall? Naw, so don't get caught up in appearance. It's Outkast/Aquemini, part of the black experience." -Andre Ben.