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Topic subjectRE: Should Common Let NO ID produce at least 3 tracks on his new album
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19731, RE: Should Common Let NO ID produce at least 3 tracks on his new album
Posted by guest, Fri Feb-16-01 12:39 PM
While I don't think Com should necessarily let NO ID handle all the production, I really think money should break out of the OK player lineup... why? Because he is a truly talented brother, and it seems as if they keep playing this brother out, with the throw away tracks, and just the way they vibe with him... I mean be real, they are really on some arrogant shit, and Com doesn't seem to really fit that arrogance... yet...

>I already have "Can I Borrow
>A Dollar" - I don't
>need another one.
>I already have "Resurrection" - I
>don't need another one.
>I already have "One Day..." -
>I don't need another one.
>I already have "Like Water For
>Chocolate" - I don't need
>another one.
>PLEASE let Cornbread do his thing.
> Don't think ?uest is
>on some brainwashing Soulquarian shit,
>he's just a facilitator.
>Y'all spoiled cats wouldn't even
>have a board to post
>on if it wasn't for
>?uest anyways... Cut the man
>some slack already. Stop
>second guessing and meddling when
>the project isn't barely even
>started. With the exception
>of "One Day" (IMO), Common
>and ?uest have been steadily
>perfecting their artform(s).
>Take a deep breath and let
>the Water Babies fall...
>Enjoy the fine sounds of Roundtable
>MCs: http://www.mp3.com/roundtablemcs