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Topic subjectRE: Ever Met Talib Kweli In Person?
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19430, RE: Ever Met Talib Kweli In Person?
Posted by P is still free, Thu Feb-22-01 05:56 AM
Yeah met him three times and interviewed him twice. Yeah he can rub you off in the wrong way but he is nice and will tell you bluntly how he feels. Some people don't like that. The third time I met him in Pittsburgh he said he was sick and didn't want to talk so I said thats cool and take care. Sometimes we feel as fans that these cats have to be nice or talk all the time. When your sick or tired your not that pleasent. He isn't concited but you better know your shit or else you will get checked. At a concert in Oberlin, OH he checked this one cat in an interview about something. So when that cat left I had an angry Talib Kweli to interview but he loosened up after 15 minutes once he knew I wasn't trying to start shit. Also Mos Def kept things light by joking around and singing Lionel Richie. What a day so no he isn't conceted.