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Topic subjectRE: Ever Met Talib Kweli In Person?
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19427, RE: Ever Met Talib Kweli In Person?
Posted by Brooklynite, Wed Feb-21-01 08:09 PM
Okay, after reading all the posts. I was compelled to post to the board. I'll try to make it short and meaningful.
As many people stated before, in the final analysis, celebs are people too, they just do a job that requires them to be in the public eye which means they have to deal with more people (many who won't be understanding) when they're having an effed up day.
Secondly, I work in the industry and truth be told no one can take the crown from the reigning King of the Jerk Face Massive: Mr. Dame Dash !!!! If Kweli was stank, i'm sure he still can't hold a candle to this ass hole.
Lastly, on a personal note; I know it may seem foul but the way i deal with celebrities is that i ignore them. I don't go out of my way to either be nice or be mean to them. I treat there asses like any other person i meet. If i get the stank vibe from them, then my mute button goes on and they get straight ignored. If they're on some chill shyt then i'll return the vibe.