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Topic subjectRE: I've met him twice
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19418, RE: I've met him twice
Posted by guest, Tue Feb-20-01 03:43 PM
I've seen Talib at the Spitkicker show in Denver last summer and he rocked the shit. One thing I noticed though is that he didn't slap hands with anyone in the crowd. Oh well, he can do what he wants as far as I'm concerned. I'm sure he's a cool dude even though I've never met him.

Who know who's kind of an ass hole though honestly? ..Q-Tip. One time there was this MTV fanatic thing and this kid was pouring his heart out about how tribe was such an inspiration to him and Phife was the only dude being cool enough to answer his questions and stuff.

I met Master Fu'ol at a Lyricist Lounge Tour show once, now he's a great guy...

God bless