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Topic subjectRE: Ever Met Talib Kweli In Person?
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19412, RE: Ever Met Talib Kweli In Person?
Posted by jrocc, Tue Feb-20-01 07:58 AM
i met Talib @ a De La Soul show at the NBA Store in manhattan. he was like right in front of me watching the show like i was. we was both kinda into the show so i didn't talk 2 him till after the show and i was like, "yo man, that reflection joint is hot! i got it in my cd player right now." (and i really did) he just gave me a pound and was like, "thanks a lot man, i appreciate it". that was it. bro was pretty cool 2 me. then again, i wasn't really trying 2 conversate w/ him or b his friend or anything. just wanted 2 show some love and keep it moving. but i guess that's just me. when i meet celebs it's just 2 say hi or give some recognition. i haven't had 2 many bad expirences.

tho i do remember one time (getting a little off the subject) that Anthony Mason w/ his big gorilla tail was @ VA Beach on labor day weekend one year and i went up 2 say hi 2 him and he was like, "only the hoes man, only the hoes". that made me lose what little respect i had 4 him. i was just going 2 shake his hand. give him a little props cuz he did play 4 my squad at one time, tho i never liked his cro-magnon lookin....

ok i'll stop.