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Topic subjecti did! i did!
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19388, i did! i did!
Posted by Mosaic, Mon Feb-19-01 07:16 PM
after the Okayplayer Show in Phoenix, i saw him at Dairy Queen.

Can you believe that he didn't let me have any of his Blizzard?

I even offered to use a second straw when sharing.

i should've none he was gonna be like that--one day RA the Rugged Man, Sir Menelik, and i were playing skeeball. they kept mentioning that Kweli was big jerkface. Sadly, i didn't believe them.

if there's one thing i remember about the day i met Kweli, it's that my innocence was brutally stripped away by his uncompassionate demeanor.

that, and i picked up a quarter he dropped--it was really shiny!