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Topic subjectEver Met Talib Kweli In Person?
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19385, Ever Met Talib Kweli In Person?
Posted by guest, Mon Feb-19-01 05:58 PM
Hi there,

Okay I've been hearing some bad stuff about Talib Kweli and I wonder if the nice people that post here can help me out. My friend told me his friend went to see Kweli in concert, met him backstage and he completely ignored him. My friend also told me that Cannibal Ox and El-P from Company Flow were on a radio show recently and both thought Kweli was mad conceited and stuck up.

SO my question here for y'all is have you met Talib Kweli in person? If so, do you think he was conceited and/or "stuck up"? (even just a little?)

Hadji (no relation to Jihad, btw)