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Topic subjectEver Met Talib Kweli In Person?
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19385, Ever Met Talib Kweli In Person?
Posted by guest, Mon Feb-19-01 05:58 PM
Hi there,

Okay I've been hearing some bad stuff about Talib Kweli and I wonder if the nice people that post here can help me out. My friend told me his friend went to see Kweli in concert, met him backstage and he completely ignored him. My friend also told me that Cannibal Ox and El-P from Company Flow were on a radio show recently and both thought Kweli was mad conceited and stuck up.

SO my question here for y'all is have you met Talib Kweli in person? If so, do you think he was conceited and/or "stuck up"? (even just a little?)

Hadji (no relation to Jihad, btw)

19386, RE: Ever Met Talib Kweli In Person?
Posted by guest, Mon Feb-19-01 06:56 PM
i say don't worry about it. unless your plotting out some ish to become his best friend or something, it really doesn't matter. some of the best musicians in the world have been some of the most conceited people on earth. just keep enjoying the music. peace, love, and soul!!!

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19387, RE: Ever Met Talib Kweli In Person?
Posted by guest, Sun Feb-25-01 11:37 PM
yes, i can't help but fall under the talib and com groupie status. I met them both at the Spitkicker in irvine(so.cali) and they were both very very nice, humble and down to earth. Talib is very soft spoken and quite and i think ppl get that mistakened for snobbiness. He really took the time out to hold a conversation with me and was responsive to all of my questions and comments. He even remembered my name when he saw me 4 months later at his record release in LA. Common was just as sweet. He was talking to me and I didn't even know what he said, i was too mesmerized...it was heaven.=)
19388, i did! i did!
Posted by Mosaic, Mon Feb-19-01 07:16 PM
after the Okayplayer Show in Phoenix, i saw him at Dairy Queen.

Can you believe that he didn't let me have any of his Blizzard?

I even offered to use a second straw when sharing.

i should've none he was gonna be like that--one day RA the Rugged Man, Sir Menelik, and i were playing skeeball. they kept mentioning that Kweli was big jerkface. Sadly, i didn't believe them.

if there's one thing i remember about the day i met Kweli, it's that my innocence was brutally stripped away by his uncompassionate demeanor.

that, and i picked up a quarter he dropped--it was really shiny!

19389, LOL!
Posted by Dove, Tue Feb-20-01 08:07 AM
~Sheepish Lordess of Chaos~

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Peep this:

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19390, RE: Ever Met Talib Kweli In Person?
Posted by incogx, Mon Feb-19-01 07:30 PM
Kweli meets hundreds of thousands of fans... and your friends only met one kweli. i don't know him personally.. but i know that if i had fans everywhere it would be pretty damn hard to keep them all happy when i meet them. its inevitable that someone would feel neglected. judge not.


"speaking rarely not quiet necessarily" ...Me
19391, WTF?!?! what r
Posted by dj_teddy_bear, Mon Feb-19-01 08:02 PM
u talkin bout?!?!??

i met talib twice last yr... (here in DC after the spitkicker tour and okayplayer tour!!)

and to be for real.... Talib Kweli is prolly THEE (or one of thee) NICEST people i have ever met!!!

when i saw him the 1st time after spitkicker in dc... he was leavin, but since he was 1 of my fav. emcees, i HAD to at least say whassup!!! so i said wassup... but we ended up talkin for a few minutes and he was very into, and not fake bout it. he asked me my name and i said i'll see him again sumtime

come 3 or 4 months later to the okayplayer tour... i was picking up sum friends after getting my car (they was waitin for me in the front while i ran back to get my car). so they all get in... and i see ?uest, stop to get an autograph and go back to my. as i'm in my car getting ready to leave, i see TALIB runnin to his ride (a limo...lol... THAT BALLER!!!). so i yelled out his name... and remembered me. i was gettin ready to get out and go talk to him, but instead he ran over to my car!!!! we talked for a few more minutes, but he was kinda in a hurry cuz of his ride waitin... but told him i'd see him again!!!

sorry for the stories in detail and shit... but talib is the realest, coolest cat u'll meet yo!!!!! no lie!!!!

but no matter if its talib or anyone famous/with a well known name... dont come up to him all about yaself, tryin to give him ya demo, askin em for favors and shit!!! jus be cool...

DJ Teddy Bear... bringin u nonsense goofy posts since... like a while now, like 6 or 7 months or sumthin like that on the boards.... man i dont know, lemme alone dammit!.... mufucka what?!!??!!

peace...One luv 4 hip hop.....DJ Teddy Bear

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19392, not stuck up at all...
Posted by MELODIK, Mon Feb-19-01 08:29 PM
My boyfriend and I saw him at the Jill Scott concert in LA. He happens to be my boy's favorite emcee, and when we realized it was him, my baby got all shy and didn't know what to say to him cuz he didn't want to say anything weird and come out wrong. So, I decided to say something to Talib, and he was very kind. I was actually a little surprise b/c he was just like any other guy. He didn't act like he was better, unlike other artist I've seen before. Although he has madd lyrical skills and talent, he was real and showed a lot of love. Maybe your boys caught him on a bad day perhaps!!? My experience was all positive.
19393, i'm an asshooooooole eeehhoooo ehoo ehoo eho ehoo!
Posted by qoolquest, Mon Feb-19-01 11:44 PM
well i can vouch that talib is cool like dat.
but sometimes cats mistake aloofness for stuck upness.
i too get quiet with people i first meet.
sometimes i'll treat a stranger like ma dukes.
but unless you know what's going on with him you can't judge.
for real.
if everyone believed what they heard about me round here (and i hear it alot myself) i'd have the wrong ideas. and half the info comes from people that are supposed to be down with me (so it must be true if you heard it from them!) so again. unless you know a mofo, don't truss it.

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19394, i spoke with him
Posted by guest, Tue Feb-20-01 12:27 AM
i talked to him after a show. . it was his second show that night actually. he seemed tired. he signed a poster for me, didnt talk much, very soft spoken. thats about all i could gather from my 2 minutes with him

19395, I met him once too.......
Posted by Complex, Tue Feb-20-01 01:26 AM
I was in Cincinnati after the Spitkicker's tour, like I talked to him just for a lil' bit, being the shy person I am...he was shy to me also. The convo was super choppy, lol....oh well, live and learn, he seemed nice.

19396, RE: I met him once too.......
Posted by Drewmathic, Tue Feb-20-01 03:52 AM
I met him at the Spitkicker tour, took pictures with him. Hi-Tek made the comment that me and Kweli look like brothers. He told me what club they were heading to and all. Very very cool guy.
Man, your friend must have met him on a very bad day.
19397, give'em the Chuck Barry treatment
Posted by guest, Tue Feb-20-01 05:35 AM
>if everyone believed what they heard
>about me round here (and
>i hear it alot myself)
like that you only dig broads with slanty eyes and high high yellow skin from the (excuse my eurocentrism) 'land of the rising sun'

when i grow up i'm going to be too stupid not to be a tool of the system. HHEEELLLLPPPPPP!!!!!!!!

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19398, RE: i'm an asshooooooole eeehhoooo ehoo ehoo eho ehoo!
Posted by spirit, Mon Feb-26-01 05:06 PM
>well i can vouch that talib
>is cool like dat.
>but sometimes cats mistake aloofness for
>stuck upness.
>i too get quiet with people
>i first meet.

(description of me meeting Quest in Atlanta in 98 or so)

ME: What up, Quest? I liked your Rappages column.
Quest: Thanks.


I keep my convos with the stars short and sweet.

(description of me meeting Flava Flav in the same hotel)

Me: Oh shit!!!!!! Flava Flav!!!!!!!
Flav: What's up, boyee!!!!!!!!!


Thoughtfully yours,


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19399, When Babies That Didn't Breastfeed Grow Up............
Posted by fire, Tue Feb-20-01 03:59 AM

We Hate Me

konversating w/kiera
me: big boi called detroit "freaktroit"
kiera: jay-z said detroit had the best p*ssy
me: lord
me: does it still have good p*ssy?
kiera: no, i brought it to dc
me: :7
19400, isn't that on Fox this season?
Posted by shockzilla, Tue Feb-20-01 05:33 AM

19401, it depends on where you see him
Posted by k_orr, Tue Feb-20-01 04:58 AM
I saw him at an industry convention, and just like most artists, they are just regular folks trying to get you to pump up their material. It's a lot like a slave auction if you ask me. But I've met the same cats at hip hop shows, as a fan and as part of the promotion for that show, and they can be jerks.

He was cool when I met him. But I wouldn't expect to see him today and spark up a convo about the beef btw colin powell and dick cheney.

k. orr
19402, RE: Ever Met Talib Kweli In Person?
Posted by Harmonia, Tue Feb-20-01 04:59 AM
I've met Kweli several times and he is mad cool. He always remembers me when he sees me and has somethin nice to say.

"Get wicked like them kids say in Boston!" -Evidence
19403, artists
Posted by sonyasimone, Tue Feb-20-01 05:02 AM
are they supposed to treat you like a long lost relative when you roll up on them after a show? No. Talib didn't fawn all over you or your boy? Get over it. Compliment the man on his music, give him a pound a move the fuck on. Y'all need to realize they are people too and just like you get tired of folks in your face all the time THEY DO TOO.

Damn male groupies.

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19404, no doubt
Posted by guest, Tue Feb-20-01 06:30 AM

19405, RE: Ever Met Talib Kweli In Person?
Posted by guest, Tue Feb-20-01 05:27 AM
Kweli is a wonderful person! I've met up with him numerous times. He always remembers me and treats me like a friend.

19406, Talib Add- Llib
Posted by guest, Tue Feb-20-01 05:51 AM
Talib is a person and should be respected and treated as such.

I met him at in a record store in Dc.. I didn't press him.... I just gave my peace and respect.
Live & Let Live, dig.

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19407, Eff a Hadji
Posted by guest, Tue Feb-20-01 05:38 AM
stealing my chat name
get ya own turban duck

when i grow up i'm going to be too stupid not to be a tool of the system. HHEEELLLLPPPPPP!!!!!!!!

wanna see the young pissed off Xzibit with dreads

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Posted by evolution_23, Tue Feb-20-01 05:55 AM
I'm kidding.

Kweli is cool peeps, but then again, I've always run into him under favorable circumstances. I honestly say that I've seen him shun people who came off a fanatics. Kweli is human just like you and I.

"I've been popular and unpopular, successful and unsuccessful, loved and loathed, and I know how meaningless it all is, therefore I feel free to take risks." -Madonna 2001

19409, RE: Ever Met Talib Kweli In Person?
Posted by guest, Tue Feb-20-01 06:28 AM
i'll let you know after he rocks Charlotte on the 28th.

damn - i love being a journalist.

reflection will be the 2nd okayartists i'll kick it with.....

19410, yeah i have...
Posted by morpheme, Tue Feb-20-01 07:00 AM
but i'm so fuckin fly one's response to me wouldn't be as tyfied as it would to one of the rest of u

asighn4jane just ain't VALID n e more

"nobody beats the riz" © virga "hannibal"

19411, RE: Ever Met Talib Kweli In Person?
Posted by loi, Tue Feb-20-01 07:51 AM
Iv'e met him way too many times, and it really does just depend. Realisticly, most star's are a little conceited. I mean you have to think of the personality behind someone that wants to be in the public eye for a career. They thrive on attention, and many times base their self worth on the ability to have fans, be nice to fans, diss fans(and yes he does, and fans do get on his nerves, like every artist at times), fuck fans, etc. Now what is surprising(not really) is that two other artists dissed him, and they are not the same as fans, were talking about peers. Talib is very intelligent, and he has little patience for repetitiveness, and slowness. He is similar to a Texan, in that he feels that New York, specifically Brooklyn
is the center of the Universe, and that people from other places(especially the midwest) are slow, generally speaking. Intelligent people are usually prejiduced against stupid people, and extremely smug in their innate abilities. Intelligent people also know that public appearance and acceptance are huge in the biz of entertainment. So most of the time he's going to put his best face forward for the simple fact that it behueths(spelling) him to do so, and it's just that simple. So basicly if he dissed your friends, then he was either in a bad mood, in a zone, or your friends were really wack, slow, repetitive, and stupid!, and he decided that he really didn't have that much to loose in being a jerkface, which he is very good at(who isn't).
What I love about this post, is that he hates snobby people! So I hope he reads it, cause it's ironic as hell!
Oh yeah, and I have heard from other artists that he has gotten preety stuck on himself, so it ain't just company flow and your boys, there's some truth in it, but that's to be expected.
Can't take anything away from his talent! That's what your supposed to be suscribing to anyway! If your looking for nice people find a friend.
19412, RE: Ever Met Talib Kweli In Person?
Posted by jrocc, Tue Feb-20-01 07:58 AM
i met Talib @ a De La Soul show at the NBA Store in manhattan. he was like right in front of me watching the show like i was. we was both kinda into the show so i didn't talk 2 him till after the show and i was like, "yo man, that reflection joint is hot! i got it in my cd player right now." (and i really did) he just gave me a pound and was like, "thanks a lot man, i appreciate it". that was it. bro was pretty cool 2 me. then again, i wasn't really trying 2 conversate w/ him or b his friend or anything. just wanted 2 show some love and keep it moving. but i guess that's just me. when i meet celebs it's just 2 say hi or give some recognition. i haven't had 2 many bad expirences.

tho i do remember one time (getting a little off the subject) that Anthony Mason w/ his big gorilla tail was @ VA Beach on labor day weekend one year and i went up 2 say hi 2 him and he was like, "only the hoes man, only the hoes". that made me lose what little respect i had 4 him. i was just going 2 shake his hand. give him a little props cuz he did play 4 my squad at one time, tho i never liked his cro-magnon lookin....

ok i'll stop.
19413, Only the hoes man
Posted by DuoMaxwell, Tue Feb-20-01 09:21 AM
I could picture him saying that shit.

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19414, RE: Ever Met Talib Kweli In Person?
Posted by Scrapluv, Tue Feb-20-01 12:10 PM
I met him at McDonald's once...I asked him for half his Big Mac and some of his fries and he said NO!?!? The nerve of some people!!!!

Can you see me?

19415, RE: Ever Met Talib Kweli In Person?
Posted by RiG Money, Tue Feb-20-01 02:32 PM
Yea you gotta approach celebs with just respect, let em know you feel their shit and be gone thers nothing else really. I met thought at Okayplayer just chillin on the side I just told him respect and gave em a pound. it was all good ya know
im out
19416, kweli is real
Posted by paragon216, Tue Feb-20-01 02:31 PM
..i've met kweli and had the chance to kick it with him and mos on a couple of occassions...but on a business tip, not the i'm your biggest fan tip...but anyway...he and mos struck me as the coolest artists i've ever met(there are others but too numerous to mention)...they do have there moment, like everybody else...for example mos seemed kinda withdrawn, almost short, i realized he was tired and probably wanted to go home...(he was cclutching one of those luggage bags with the wheels)..on other occasions he was really outgoing...i've never really seen kweli dis anybody even for askin stupid questions, that impressed me the most...at that time people didn't even know who he was but he didn't dis em when they asked, "are you famous?"...he would hold inteeligent conversations with security guards that reminded me of sha-nay-nay...people i would've dissed...he was mad humble..funny too...kept cracking jokes..i saw him on the street not too long ago and he looked all "hollywood"...but he would still hold a convo with anybody walkin up the street...he's talked about how it is a balancing act to relate to the average joe in his lyrics, while at the same time trying to expand their minds...dude is cool as a polar bear's toenails..

on the other hand red and meth are real cool too but when meth lost his $20,000 bracelet he was about to open a can of whoop-ass on the closest person to him...

19417, I've met him twice
Posted by Travelin_Matt, Tue Feb-20-01 02:49 PM
Both times very quiet and soft spoken but always willing to sign an autograph or take a pic....that lets me know he's just a quiet guy...ignorant and stuck up heads wouldn't bother with you for a sec... I appreciated him takin the time to even acknowledge me...I've said hi to some people who walk by like you in their way or invisible and that's just rude...I am a person a hey sorry I gotta jet would do...I got that from Common once and respect that much

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19418, RE: I've met him twice
Posted by guest, Tue Feb-20-01 03:43 PM
I've seen Talib at the Spitkicker show in Denver last summer and he rocked the shit. One thing I noticed though is that he didn't slap hands with anyone in the crowd. Oh well, he can do what he wants as far as I'm concerned. I'm sure he's a cool dude even though I've never met him.

Who know who's kind of an ass hole though honestly? ..Q-Tip. One time there was this MTV fanatic thing and this kid was pouring his heart out about how tribe was such an inspiration to him and Phife was the only dude being cool enough to answer his questions and stuff.

I met Master Fu'ol at a Lyricist Lounge Tour show once, now he's a great guy...

God bless

19419, RE: Ever Met Talib Kweli In Person?
Posted by guest, Tue Feb-20-01 06:31 PM
I spent a little time with Talib Kweli at a show in Cleveland, OH on Feb 10th. He has beautiful energy. He is a peaceful, eloquent, intelligent man who carried himself like a perfect gentleman- even though he was battling a cold! Much respect to him.
19420, RE: Ever Met Talib Kweli In Person?
Posted by spirit, Tue Feb-20-01 09:58 PM
talib is cool people.

i met el-p too, also cool.

i don't know. FUCK HEARSAY. that's what i say.

don't even listen to me. this is hearsay. ignore this whole fricking thread.

Thoughtfully yours,


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19421, The man is mad quiet
Posted by jose3030, Tue Feb-20-01 10:02 PM

Outspoken on any stage.
Off the stage, he tends to listen (and do it well).

Here's a pic I took of him at Boston University.
He was complaining of "being too hot in here" and "needing to go outside".......


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19422, RE: Ever Met Talib Kweli In Person?
Posted by LiquidDope, Tue Feb-20-01 11:34 PM
>My friend also told
>me that Cannibal Ox and
>El-P from Company Flow were
>on a radio show recently
>and both thought Kweli was
>mad conceited and stuck up.

I find that strangely ironic, seeing that El-P got up on "Hip Hop For Respect" w/ Kweli. I know a few people that met Kweli. Only one told me he had a negative experience (said he asked Kweli for an autograph and Kweli pulled him aside to tell him he couldn't do it because then he'd have to sign for everybody there...whatever that was about). Honestly, I can't judge until I'm ever able to meet him for myself and fall back on my own personal experience.

"And for that, you suck" (c) Les Grobstein
19423, RE: Ever Met Talib Kweli In Person?
Posted by guest, Wed Feb-21-01 08:26 AM
I've definitely met talib,and he's the coolest cat.I met him once after the spitkicker tour and once at medgar evers college after mos def and him did a benefit concert for the NKiru bookstore.The first time I had spoke to him,I asked him about jay-z,and what he thought of that Big pimpin' joint,and he thought:"That shit is iight".He's definitely no mos def,but he's not a conceited person-at least the times that I have come into contact with him.I do have to admit though,he's definitely hardcore-the same way he does the tracks.Mos was more on the friendly tip,but to say talib is conceited would be an extreme exxageration.Hell,we even spoke for a bit about my favorite track and what he meant by this or that on another track.Talib if you ever read this,thanks for signing my shit,and thanks for being cool-mos you too.Hell I've met,damn near all the roots,dead prez,the jazzys,h20,the mighty mos,MR.kweli,jaguar and erykah herself as well.I love the concerts,and they need to book some more in NY.When in sam's hell will blackstar come up with a new album?
19424, You're mistaking . . .
Posted by guest, Wed Feb-21-01 08:34 AM
Conceitedness and the like for shyness.

Kweli is a quiet guy, some folk can't understand that and think he's being snoby.

Just thought I'd throw that in there . . .

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19425, EXACTLY
Posted by guest, Wed Feb-21-01 08:37 AM
I met him in Detroit- he was reserved and appreciative but almost bashful when people told how much they liked his work.

now backstage- after stepping off an amped show- it might be a little different but you should expect a little bravado when a man throws his heart out in front of a crowd.

19426, RE: You're mistaking . . .
Posted by atruhead, Wed Feb-21-01 09:11 PM
>Conceitedness and the like for shyness.
>Kweli is a quiet guy, some
>folk can't understand that and
>think he's being snoby.

substitute his name for mine, not that i think i belong being discussed on okayartist but it fits well
19427, RE: Ever Met Talib Kweli In Person?
Posted by Brooklynite, Wed Feb-21-01 08:09 PM
Okay, after reading all the posts. I was compelled to post to the board. I'll try to make it short and meaningful.
As many people stated before, in the final analysis, celebs are people too, they just do a job that requires them to be in the public eye which means they have to deal with more people (many who won't be understanding) when they're having an effed up day.
Secondly, I work in the industry and truth be told no one can take the crown from the reigning King of the Jerk Face Massive: Mr. Dame Dash !!!! If Kweli was stank, i'm sure he still can't hold a candle to this ass hole.
Lastly, on a personal note; I know it may seem foul but the way i deal with celebrities is that i ignore them. I don't go out of my way to either be nice or be mean to them. I treat there asses like any other person i meet. If i get the stank vibe from them, then my mute button goes on and they get straight ignored. If they're on some chill shyt then i'll return the vibe.


19428, Well, how about Common?
Posted by guest, Thu Feb-22-01 05:39 AM
I know that celebs are human just like the rest of us. But, I had the opportunity to meet Common this past summer and I thought he was a jerk face. I did not stop him in the middle of the street on his way to the subway or anything, in fact I met him in a professional setting during rehearsal for the SpitKicker tour. He was rehearsing at the Theater I was working at at the time. He was sitting out in the house and I walked up to him, I introduced myself, got a half assed handshake and a barely audible "Yeah, hi Rasheed" and before I could even get one word out to tell him how much I enjoyed his music and ask him about the Summer Stage concert, I quickly saw the back of his head as he started to talk to Dummy, leaving me standing there with my mouth open. It was very embarrassing. I have learned not to say much to artists unless I assess the situation properly which is what I thought I did, there wasn't even anyone around. I do not nor have I ever had Groupie Fever, I don't know if he was used to females sweatin him, but that is just not me. I still like his music but, I thought he was very rude, Sorry.
19429, he's a darling
Posted by nebt_het, Thu Feb-22-01 05:55 AM
met him in philly at the TLA along eith Ev from Dialated and he was a darling I was tellinhim i was leaving so i can get home to my son and he sarted talkin about his and we rapped he acted like he was my bwoy from way back!
Ev was funny too and also a very pleasant individual.

keep in mind you not always socialable neither are artist and prolly for more reason.

Nuwb or "blackness" is supreme balance before the chaos was introduced. It was a state of sound, right reasoning. That darkness was triple darkness, which is what you would call the absence of consciousness, or the state of being awoke. In actuality, the dream state is more real and peaceful than the chaos you meet once you are awake. A form of spiritual darkness responsible for the spark that turned on the light that is the life and intellect of all who breathe and think.
When the light is turned on again, the chaos begins. The differentiation begins. The separation begins. The rights and the wrongs, the goodness and the badness; the supreme balance is broken and the ego begins to verse the "I."
19430, RE: Ever Met Talib Kweli In Person?
Posted by P is still free, Thu Feb-22-01 05:56 AM
Yeah met him three times and interviewed him twice. Yeah he can rub you off in the wrong way but he is nice and will tell you bluntly how he feels. Some people don't like that. The third time I met him in Pittsburgh he said he was sick and didn't want to talk so I said thats cool and take care. Sometimes we feel as fans that these cats have to be nice or talk all the time. When your sick or tired your not that pleasent. He isn't concited but you better know your shit or else you will get checked. At a concert in Oberlin, OH he checked this one cat in an interview about something. So when that cat left I had an angry Talib Kweli to interview but he loosened up after 15 minutes once he knew I wasn't trying to start shit. Also Mos Def kept things light by joking around and singing Lionel Richie. What a day so no he isn't conceted.

19431, yeah...unfortunatley
Posted by SoulOne, Thu Feb-22-01 09:41 AM
I don't think Kweli is an asshole or anything, but when I did meet him in Austin, he seemed more distant and less willing to meet fans than other artists. He was noticeably tired, if that's a legitimate excuse. Peace.