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Topic subjectWhat's wrong with love?
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19353, What's wrong with love?
Posted by nahymsa, Mon Feb-26-01 05:10 PM
We need more songs about that...love is consciousness personified.

Anyway, marketing & women blew Common up?

A lot of cats heard of Common & the Bitch in You..but he wasn't felt enough to make enough of us want to buy it. Shit, just catch the track on the mix tape & call it a day.

I've got every Common album, imo, its music you wouldn't play at a hip hop party.

Retrospect for Life video got rotation on BET - women like the track, people dig the expression...he gets a little love but its not type of hip hop song, you run out & buy the album for.

The Light's got a down home feel to it, there's not 1 black person I know that does't feel the track. You get a hand clap to it. The melody is played at wedding & baby showers...its a community song like T.R.O.Y. The kind of rap record your grandmother asks you to play again.

That's all she wrote because when enough of us dig your shit, its bound to blow.