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Topic subjectHow come no one mentioned
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19348, How come no one mentioned
Posted by L_O_Quent, Mon Feb-26-01 02:21 PM
Respiration? That song got mad play on the radio where I was in Alabama and here (figgin' South Bend, IN) The video got love too.

I think that timing had a lot to do with Com's blowing up also because pple are tired of the norm and music switchs directions every couple of years - case and point for hip hop 76-82, 82-86, 86-89, 89-92,92-95,95-97(98),98-now. It can't stay the same because repeating the same damn thing would mean that the Osmonds would still selling records.

Otherwise the biggest word in his blow up would have to be - MCA

all other things mentioned helped but dope albums with no promotion stay in our hands (read hip hop heads), look how long it took for pple to start copping Jilly and that's r&b.

My thoughts

carry on

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