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19344, so...
Posted by atruhead, Mon Feb-26-01 01:21 PM
>"bitch in yoo" loved by more
>than hardcore heads?

>-bitch in yoo (proved that boy
>was no punk, and had
>skills out the ass)

>-mad guest spots. rawkus and white
>labels led up to the
>big explosion that became...
>"the light".

Does the above mean that now that the explosion that is the light came to be we will never see another "real nigga quotes", "one too many" "hungry" (the man said "skip ladies, this is rip a motherfucker night" for goodness sakes) "bitch in yoo" "dooinit" etc? Expansion is definitely cool but com spoiled us with the hardcore and then took us somewhere completely different. Im not fronting on him, hes still nice but knowing his full potential, cats ("real cats" if you wanna call us that) arent as open. I say this in a half joking sounding like the regular complainers and half serious manner. Before 106 and Park and Rap City Common was associated with sickness, I know it doesnt sell but give us more than 2 or 3 tracks. Its probably that hes matured though