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Topic subjectSTOP IT!!!
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19338, STOP IT!!!
Posted by guest, Mon Feb-26-01 09:27 PM
Folks need to stop saying things like "i dont know where Nelly and Ludicris came from?"..i am tired of it, i really am...Cause the people that go to Nelly and Ludicris shows are the people Common would like at his show(not "coffe shop chicks and white dudes"). Nelly and Ludicris come from the streets and so does Common...I believe Common is a better emcee because he has proven himself to be one. But that does not make Nelly and Ludicris weak.

Let me guess they are weak because of what the rap about right?
Then ask yourself why do they rap about those things. The critisims USUALLY comes from rich kids who got everything they wanted anyway! But on the real everything they rap about aint a reality for every person that lives in the ghetto, but something are saying is stickin....and i am talking about specifically those two, Nelly and Ludicris. Not DMX or any of these rappers that dont display any lyrical technique what so ever.

That is something that yall underground lovin people dont thnk about. Mabey some of your favorite emcees dont rap about certain topics because thay cant! they really aint from the streets and really dont have nothin exciting happening in their lives or any kind of STRUGGLE to rap about!

So they always rap about rapping..."my style" "this emcee that". at the end of the day people from the streets is "like what that got to do with this fucked up school system i been in?" or "what im going through" or "what im doing to get me through this"

it is my belief that Common could spit hella more street oriented game. but he CHOOSES not to!..just as Kweli did. Mos Def has, Hiero has, Planet Asia has, Black Thought has...and hella other "positve" emcees who yall thought just read hella books and did not get their skills from growin up in the streets.

Back in the day fools used to say the same thing about Too $hort.

Bet i can tell you where he came from....the same place some of you missguided folks come from. the same place some of yall rich kids wished yall lived.

"By Rakim and Too $hort i've been inspired"- who said that huh?


"PlayaHayta! Cant you tell a NIKE from a GAYTA!"- AgerMan of 3xKrazy

Life is not fair, yet, if you have the chance to make it fair for someone else, do it.- Yours Truly

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