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Topic subjectyoungfella, you have heard some hip hop
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19332, youngfella, you have heard some hip hop
Posted by guest, Mon Feb-26-01 11:24 AM
i argue with people everday how back in 90-93 there were different flavors to choose from.

people use to go crazy when EPMD dropped a new ablum, same for PE or BDP or NWA.

now things are the same but the groups are the same too! no diversity.

unfortunately, Common has to comprise his skills(yes i said it) to Blow up in the mainstream/commerical eyes.

this was not the same for the Roots. The Roots had timing. They were fortunate enough to tour and get their name out there to the public. Badu just had a familiar voice. Timing/video/talent/bit-of-a-push=success or blowing up!