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Topic subjectRE: The Soulquarians!
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19313, RE: The Soulquarians!
Posted by Solitayre, Mon Feb-26-01 01:46 PM
>of course. . .everything they touch
>is gold, or should be.

I disagree; or would it be better if I said not yet. And please save the usual, "I don't know man, I'm kinda feeling them" ish that Hemmroid, smacked that kid up for way back in '92(rememba that "hiphop" fans?).

I don't mean to say the SoulQuarians aren't good musicians, because they are as the roster will no doubt prove. I am just saying that they have yet to gel their various production types into one sound that is distinctly theirs; meanwhile, D'Ang is soon coming with a hybrid of styles he can call his own. ?uestion
(I'm sorry, he'll ALWAYS be BROTHER? to me after DOYOUWANTMORE!! He might as well named himself the artist formerly known as ?. Same thing your fans love and remember
?uestion from essaywhaman?!) on the other hand has evolved into an incredibly, distinct drumming force, as well as the premier Rhythm & Blues composer of the hiphop generation. For example, after hearing the MUSIQ soulchild CD dub (I didn't trust his voice after hearing the first single), I could predict which songs were produced by Brother? and the rest of the Roots gang because ALL of the instruments played by he, Kamaal, and Hub were clear giveaways.

What do The Soulquarians have to do with "The Light" anyway?
Check your insert, brah.