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Topic subjectFlo Brown with...
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19265, Flo Brown with...
Posted by Mil, Thu Mar-01-01 10:25 AM

~~Freddie Foxx
~~M.O.P. (I have a feeling she'd fit in nicely with the First Fam...)
~~Busta (More loud niggas)
~~the brainy cats in Wu (deck, gza, ghost... maybe rza ehhhh... nah nevermind not the rza)

Tryn to stay away from okay-style cats, since collabos with them are more then likely what'll permeate thru the album. Thinkin outside the box, for all those that cant.

Pullin yo card and yellin "Gin, muthafucka!!!",


"Now its... 'I-I-I... I'm sorry', my ASS!"-Mystikal.