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Posted by Hot_Damali, Tue Mar-06-01 04:15 AM
please read it


i particularly liked the conversation she had with his lying ass...lol. Relationship LONG OVER and he STILL can't admit that he was cheating. What does he think will happen? She'll leave him again?!?!? LOL

but the only thing i don't agree with is that most men have a special affinity for lying. I know firsthand that women lie just as much as men do, but the difference is that we are WAAAAAAAY more skillful at keeping that shit underwraps. Our conniving skills are so much more advanced than men. And I'm not saying that its something we should be proud of...just pointing out that men and women are equal in the penchant for lying department.

For the most part, lying is a natural human thing to do. We all do it in some form or another but we justify it most of the time. We call out 'sick' knowing we're not really sick...we lie to unemployment office and say we haven't found a job yet...we lie to our parents, to policemen, in courts...we tell our friend that we're busy when we're really not cuz we don't feel like hanging out...whatever. Lies are lies and we all tell them. Its really just the degree of the deceit that matters...

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