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Topic subjectYou Reading the Jazzy Journals?
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19094, You Reading the Jazzy Journals?
Posted by Hot_Damali, Tue Feb-27-01 04:30 AM
If so, reply here...I want Merc and Tracey to know we're reading and enjoying them :-) Post your thoughts on them too, if you like...

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19095, I check in...
Posted by thebigfunk, Tue Feb-27-01 04:43 AM
About once every two weeks... my favorite entry is still that "sunday morning sex" piece.

I mean... damn.


19096, i like the one....
Posted by Hot_Damali, Tue Feb-27-01 04:47 AM
where Tracey went on a rant about her views on sex...basically saying fuck everyone yeah i like sex so what that don't make me a slut...i always admire women who aren't afraid to be themselves...

Damali, The Analog Girl in a Digital World

19097, I check up...
Posted by guest, Tue Feb-27-01 05:26 AM
when i need a break from work. like now. :-)
i always feel connected on some level when they talk about the industry...unfortunately.

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- Ani di Franco
19098, early
Posted by nebt_het, Tue Feb-27-01 05:39 AM
i was clappin on that one.
Toomany times as women we gotta supress our wants/needs/desires and enjoyment of sex.
I think women might even enjoy it and are most likely better at it than men. We dont need no erection and have endurance and stamina but because we are taught not to be sexually out right we surpress it and it seeps out on occasion and then we get labels freaks, sluts and so on!
Tracey is such a strong woman I think she is awesome!

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When the light is turned on again, the chaos begins. The differentiation begins. The separation begins. The rights and the wrongs, the goodness and the badness; the supreme balance is broken and the ego begins to verse the "I."
19099, yeah read em
Posted by sundasill, Tue Feb-27-01 05:45 AM
no complaint shit with her hectic sched....i don't see how she finds time.So i enjoy even more now.....

I also miss black-lily journals

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19100, yeah, i'm reading them...n/m
Posted by wbgirl, Tue Feb-27-01 05:55 AM
Chicago 2001...will u be ready?
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19101, Yup
Posted by Brandard, Tue Feb-27-01 07:32 AM
19102, RE: You Reading the Jazzy Journals?
Posted by Mercedes, Tue Feb-27-01 08:40 AM
Damali! You da bomb!

Thanks for starting any Jazzy post but especially this one. Oh and thanks for "Black Girl in Paris." I'm almost finished with it and I'm loving it.

I'm glad someone's reading the journals. Now we really have to keep them up.


19103, no prob Merc
Posted by Hot_Damali, Tue Feb-27-01 09:04 AM
>Thanks for starting any Jazzy post
>but especially this one.
>Oh and thanks for "Black
>Girl in Paris." I'm almost
>finished with it and I'm
>loving it.

so um...when you finish...can i borrow it? ;-) for some reason i always give gifts that i don't already have myself...lol.

>I'm glad someone's reading the journals.
> Now we really have
>to keep them up.

yup I was hoping you'd say that...

Damali, The Analog Girl in a Digital World

19104, black girl in paris?
Posted by thebigfunk, Tue Feb-27-01 06:22 PM
I just picked this up on a recommendation from one of my few literary friends whose opinion I respect (it's a rarity). Unfortunately, I won't be diving in until the end of this semester... classes right now have me reading 150 pages a night during the week...

Speaking of which, I got reading to do. Damn.


19105, yes n/m
Posted by mke, Tue Feb-27-01 08:43 AM
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19106, RE: You Reading the Jazzy Journals?
Posted by educateyaself, Tue Feb-27-01 08:53 AM
Love the music and love reading the journals, keep on keeping on
19107, I read and was confused
Posted by spirit, Tue Feb-27-01 09:48 AM
Why would straight women hang out in a female strip club?

Someone please explain...

Thoughtfully yours,


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19108, i enjoy them n/m
Posted by conesbitt1, Tue Feb-27-01 10:01 AM

nigga, stop being so got damn selfish..put in ya pelvis@ Andre 3000

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19109, I read them N/M
Posted by Steve, Tue Feb-27-01 10:17 AM
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19110, I'm reading them!!!
Posted by Travelin_Matt, Tue Feb-27-01 10:21 AM
I always check it out and almost signed the guestbook last time but for some reason it wouldn't let me??

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19111, i read them n/m
Posted by 9, Tue Feb-27-01 11:53 AM

19112, really the only artist-related....
Posted by soze, Tue Feb-27-01 12:37 PM

part of this site i read. Everything else is straight board.

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19113, I READ EM!!!!!! all the time!!!!!!
Posted by dj_teddy_bear, Tue Feb-27-01 02:01 PM
did i mention how much i love those 2 nubian queens!!!!!!! DAMN DAMN DAMN JAMES!!!!!!!!!!! GOD BLESS THEM!!!! (specially mercedes givin me a valentines day shout out and all!!!!!)

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19114, I Read Them n/m
Posted by SankofaII, Wed Feb-28-01 04:56 AM
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19115, RE: You Reading the Jazzy Journals?
Posted by MicheleQJ, Wed Feb-28-01 05:17 AM
i check up every once in a while
19116, i read them
Posted by LittleTortilla, Wed Feb-28-01 06:28 AM
Books to Read for Black History Month and Every Month:

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Posted by Hot_Damali, Tue Mar-06-01 04:15 AM
please read it


i particularly liked the conversation she had with his lying ass...lol. Relationship LONG OVER and he STILL can't admit that he was cheating. What does he think will happen? She'll leave him again?!?!? LOL

but the only thing i don't agree with is that most men have a special affinity for lying. I know firsthand that women lie just as much as men do, but the difference is that we are WAAAAAAAY more skillful at keeping that shit underwraps. Our conniving skills are so much more advanced than men. And I'm not saying that its something we should be proud of...just pointing out that men and women are equal in the penchant for lying department.

For the most part, lying is a natural human thing to do. We all do it in some form or another but we justify it most of the time. We call out 'sick' knowing we're not really sick...we lie to unemployment office and say we haven't found a job yet...we lie to our parents, to policemen, in courts...we tell our friend that we're busy when we're really not cuz we don't feel like hanging out...whatever. Lies are lies and we all tell them. Its really just the degree of the deceit that matters...

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19118, gone for a week...
Posted by UrbanCowgRRL, Tue Mar-06-01 04:20 AM
now i gotta play catchup!

Much love,

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