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Posted by label_guy, Mon Mar-05-01 12:49 PM
"Nervous" was the word I used to describe my feeling when I heard the title. It's not the title that made me nervous, thinking about the musical focus of the album to conceptually match the title is what made me nervous.
To clarify: they can experiment all they want but they've got to have 2 to 3 joints on the album which can be used as "BAIT" to follow up with success gained with "The Light" at radio & video and the exposure with a larger audience. These songs have to have some fundamental aspects necessary to be a hit (i.e. - strong catchy hook, lyrics that audience can identify with, ass-moving track). The worshipped Outkast always does this with "Ms. Jackson" being the most recent example. Hit single = BAIT for the masses which lead to plaques (I know y'all are tired of me posting my Plaqueathoreum Theory). I know Com & MCA liked getting that gold plaque and like the fiends we are, I'm sure we ALL want AT LEAST GOLD.
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