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19087, iF
Posted by UrbanCowgRRL, Sun Mar-04-01 07:31 PM
"chocolate starfish and the hot dog flavored water" can sell...eff a title...Listeners are too fickle to give a fuck...if the musics classic...=...classic.

but i agree..the title is....ehhh...common

Much love,

Celebrating Febuary as black history month..

...like i said u have as
much culture as a bathroom
sponge. ostrich boy, take
u're head out the sand
and step outside the realm
of okayplayer culture and recognize
that there's a whole new
world (c) regina out there.

i apologize for liking other people
that aren't "concious" artists, forgive
me Mr. Jansport 2001....(c)red hot lover