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Topic subjectby the way
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19080, by the way
Posted by Vivrant, Sun Mar-04-01 06:24 PM
i never said i didnt like the title.

disclaimer: leave off the last s for savings.

...i have some confessions to make.

back to life 2001 is hot
i dont have jill scotts album
mamas gun either.
freeway is kinda nice
B.O.B.S. aint no classic!
everybody on welcome to detroit ripped it!
snappin and trappin is one of the best songs on stankonia!
and i dont really like southernplayalistic
"take it to the house" is hot (first verses only)
i havent heard one song off of organix...and i aint in no rush either!
ray j's joint with the neptunes is hot.
ludacris IS the southern redman.
clue is hip hop
(let me see you get a record deal and still make street tapes)
i havent missed an issue of the source since 1995.
(until now...eff that trick daddy issue)