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Topic subjectWhat ever happened to...
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19064, What ever happened to...
Posted by 25percenter, Sat Mar-03-01 08:22 AM
feelin good bout your product...even if the masses don't comprendo? Dig the title (yeah I'm a Pink Floyd/Bjork/Mary/Outside/Lewis Taylor/ listenin to abstract ass emcee myself)....though I've had my beef wit Com (not personally...just with some of his hypocritical "rhytiousness"), he's a skilled emcee and I'm proud that he's not being "punked out" (can't believe I just used that phrase) by industry headz who underestimate mass intuition next level ingenuity (somebody gotta take people there in hip hop...everything else continues to get more humdrum....and even mainstream catz and diggin for musikal alterity).

LWFC was "experimental" for some, but not for most of the catz i hang with (who seldom buy any rap that s(w)ells well...with the exception of a "Stankonia" every once and again). Are these peeps seriously worried about Com's dedicated fanz (people who've been listenin since the beginning?) or (new headz? the ones who saw him wit a Erykah's Sesame Street rainbow foot glove and and incense stick and went rendered it alternative "fetish" material?)

"Mama's Gun" (and I don't know how many copies it sold...cuz I normally don't give a fuc about that) is a dope project...lots of young kids i work with didn't feel it like Baduizm, but it's a project to be proud of. I want to feel that my project was dope for the howevermany headz pick it up. Quality over quantity. Why I'll *probably* always be an Indy emcee.

my twenty-five sense,