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Topic subjectquestlove falls victim to vivrance
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18406, questlove falls victim to vivrance
Posted by Vivrant, Thu Mar-22-01 05:48 PM
this is very much okayartist oriented because this is about him trying to post about the second roots album but it wouldnt come out. so for those who missed what quest was trying to finish....the missing ending of his "do you want more" original version post.

i swear to god,
>if we didn't have clearence
>nightmares over the artists he
>imitated we woulda been stars
>in 93. well over a
>novelty so i guess all
>things happen for a reason.)
>-essaywhuman (note on page: riq don't
>want to do this so
>we might can it)
>-joint with black sheep.
>-"....." (a song that we did
>frequently in concert with a
>chorus that went "to the
>beat y'all...we rock on and
>on..." did it on teen
>-"hangin round da way" (my solo
>joint...you heard correct. written by
>scott and his boy kam)
>side four:
>-slow joint from last night aka
>jodeci (we gave birth to "silent
>at last night's rehersal, must show
>them that
>this could be a hit if
>we did it slowly)
>-cassandra wilson jawn.
>-the session pt2 (shit actually was
>...but too long and unorganized)
>-shorty no mas duet (make it
>like cube/yoyo
>"man's world" jawn where she comes
>on top
>for critic acclaim angle
>critic's love when women come on

this is what you wanted to print my man....you cant use open and closed brackets...they get hidden in the compose message field and dont show up in the main post. its a little trick bfnh picked up and we dubbed it Vivrance....our way of secretly cursing people out without them seeing it.

i left my signature at your girls house.

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