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18386, RE: hardly
Posted by guest, Wed Mar-21-01 09:05 PM
Yo YO! Just sayin sumthin sumthin. I actually think nsync, despite my deep loathe for their music, may actually have alittle talent in their voice. It's just not really soulful, hardly! But i once heard them play live on hbo just flickin through channels and there backup band actually did a lite sumthin sumthin and wasnt bad. but then the singers came back out and i laughed at the choreography of their danses and switched channels.

Hey heres a shoutout to all my g-town crew!
"G-town in the house, do you want more?!?!?!!" -DYWM- ;) I still rock all y'all albuums on weekly if not dayly basis.

Hey, gotta represent where I'm from!