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Topic subjectyou think you know what this is about?
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18373, you think you know what this is about?
Posted by h20molecule, Tue Mar-20-01 09:18 AM
no this is about you trying to enforce your closeminded view of music on the rest of the okayplayer community.

by the way, you stated that you mix art with bullshit then you get bullshit but I believe you are being pessimistic. Do you feel that the bullshit of N'Sync will taint the artisticness of a track produced by SoulQ's?

I haven't ever really listend to N'Sync music and I don't have cable so I don't even think I can name one song by them. I haven't been exposed to them enough to build any animosity. Maybe if I saw what they were like I would empathize with you more but I DO know you cannot be certain about what is motivating an artist when they create. Perhaps dollars do come into the mix but so what? The Cistene Chapel was a commissioned work. You don't see no Italians talking about "Michaelangelo was on some old getting paid bullshit...fuck the chapel and fuck that David statue too..." In all reality, all of our greatest artists that we know of achieved wealth and fame from their work except for a few post-impressionists like Van Gogh. Art is nothing but creation...expression and revelation of the self to the self. If you can get paid to do that at the same time cool. Some folks don't really create, I will grant you that, but you cannot get caught up in thinking that money somehow taints art. If that is the case then you gotta call coltrane and davis and simone and wonder and everybody else a sellout except for that cat on the corner singing for the hell of it.


P.S. I like the way you jumped on qoolquest's sack when he replied to you in person. you on some super fan isht huh? Trying to steer the direction of your favorite artitst but being a sycophant at the same time.