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18371, Explanation, please...
Posted by khimes, Mon Mar-19-01 11:59 AM
Why is N'Sync "bullshit" to you? Because they're white? Or do you have more credible reasons? Like I said, I wouldn't blast their music all day long because I don't care for them, but I can't deny the fact that they can sing. About the a cappella track off their album? I had a friend of mine who is very well knowledgeable in music tell me that they utilize very complex harmonies and arrangements when they sing. As far as I can tell, that's what ?uest et al love: shit that the average Keep It Real Kenny can't do. And NO, I'm NOT kissing ass just to get in the game, I'm stating an honest opinion. I think that working with N'Sync would be a good deal for the Soulquarians' dedication to art as well as their pocketbooks. And I'm ASSUMING that if X really wanted to work with the Soulquarians, he just has to reach out to them. They might decline, but wanting to work with someone and really TRYING to work with someone is two different things.

K. Himes
OkayPlayer's Scoop Jackson