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Topic subjectRE: More Tunnel Vision...
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18370, RE: More Tunnel Vision...
Posted by guest, Mon Mar-19-01 09:30 AM
Yo I'm also a Muscian, Poet, and Buisnessman See n'sync is bullshit point blank, and if you colaborate with bullshit you bullshit, sorry. You kissing ass because you trying to get in the game, and I love the music because hip hop and soul music was meant for soulfull black people, sorry again. White people have stole everything we created just like commercial hip hop(Eminem whites holla he's bigger than Hip Hop). That's what white people do pay you a lot of money then steal your shit. Let the Quarians do something with n'sync the Soulquarians want get nothing but a paycheck. No credit for the music it would be call a new sound from n'sync. I'm pretty sure if you knew X you would know he would love to work with the Soulquarians, but the question is would they, proberly not. They would do n'synce though, that's bullllllllshit!!!!!!!