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18369, More Tunnel Vision...
Posted by khimes, Mon Mar-19-01 08:50 AM
Maybe I understand because I'm a musician who wants to get into the business as either an artist or a producer. But when somebody says they create music "for the love of music", that means the reason they would create any piece of music is because they like to do it. You can't hate on the preference of who he/she/they create music WITH. Just because the Soulquarians haven't made a track with Jay-Z or DMX doesn't mean they only collaborate to get paid. You can't even include Beans in this argument because he was on The Roots' "Adrenaline!". From what I can tell, the Soulquarians work with people who either (a) fit the so-called "soul" category or (b) people who can truly BLESS a Soulquarian track. Me personally, I think Jigga and DMX would be crucified by "real niggas" for doing a collabo with the likes of ?uestlove and James Poyser (I didn't include Jay Dee cause he does a lot of rap, and D doesn't really count because he can sing the hell out of a hook), but I would probably like it. We should just appreciate the product if the Soulquarians do indeed work with pop artists like N'Sync. If nothing else, you know the music will sound great!

K. Himes
OkayPlayer's Scoop Jackson