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18367, RE: ????? 4 ?uest
Posted by guest, Mon Mar-19-01 08:07 AM
Yo I'm starting to think by reading these post that the Soulquarians are bullshit. Man they holla about all the commercial emcees and artist, and then say shit like I'll work with n'sync because it's a challenge. Yo don't you think niggas like Jay Z, DMX, Nas, and others can rap about the street and hustling they whole career. Yet they took chances by turning in there street stories for dollars signs. To me ya'll aren't doing it for the love, but for the money. N'synce and other pop shit is not a challenge it's money; sorry you can't fool a real nigga. See that's the thing they would do something for n'synce before they would do something with DMX, Nas, or even Beans. I mean Jdilla is apart of the Soulquarians, but he's always bless other niggas in Hip Hop with nice tracks(Busta Ryhmes for why you niggas hate him). Have these happy ass emcees couldn't get in a chipher and fuck with niggas like Jay Z, X, and Beans. I've always like the Soulquarians but when they talk about somebody and do the same thing, that's bullshit. I don't hate somebody who tries to get paid, but say that don't be on some I do it for the love shit. Peace and Love