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Topic subjectRE: Jay Dee and Jay-Z
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18362, RE: Jay Dee and Jay-Z
Posted by GB9, Sun Mar-18-01 08:26 PM
>Its not about the money right?.......but
>I heard somewhere my dog
>Jay Dee might be producing
>a track for Jigga and
>I know the cat is
>getting major pringles for that
>one....if you ask me the
>Soulquarians might do a track
>for Nelly if the doe
>is right. Who wouldn't give
>a beat for good money?
>After all is said and
>done we all have bills
>to pay.

jay dee producing for jigga is no surprise to me, jay z can rhyme, he has skills, jay dee has skillz, they both dont see anything wrong with bein about girls or money, i dont see this being anything more than a dope beat for jay z and a good payday for jay dee, that collaboration seems fine
If the dough was righter than right i still dont think they would do a track for nelly, unless they gave him a scrap joint they dont like or did one as a joke or some shit. nelly would have to live in a studio with them for a month and get schooled and make a real song.
and after all is said and done we all have bills to pay, but if you think the okayartists are making this music to pay their bills then i think your mistaken, i think if it was like that they would have made a moneymakinmusicscheme a long time ago.
"moneymakinmusicscheme" <---word of the day