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Topic subjectwhat do soulq's charge??
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18356, what do soulq's charge??
Posted by michaelo, Sun Mar-18-01 02:35 PM
i'm sayin' how much is your fee for hookin' someone up. okay, you don't have to give me any figures, but how do you go about justifying how much to charge different people?
like, say the jazzies wanted a track or two. would you hook em' up cuz they were fam?(even though the record company prolly pays for it)
or if n'sync hit you guys up for a track. that's big $$$ right there.
i know y'all are pretty much a collective, but how do you work it out between everyone as far as who contributes what?
basically i'm asking what the creative process is like for you guys? or does it depend on the artist.

ALSO, D is a soulquarian obviously. is he going to be contributing more to various projects in the future? cuz i noticed he didn't on erykah's but he did on common's. what's up ur guy's sleeve for the immediate future?

ALSO, ALSO-have any "big" named artists step to you all and asked for contributions to there projects recently? i know mj did, but you guys nixed that for studio expenditures or something like that.

so, lay it on me somebodyd. i deserve to know!!!

peace and love my fellow players.
thank you & goodbye

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