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18349, M-illa-tant
Posted by guest, Thu Mar-22-01 05:51 PM
Ayo, let's break this down....Whether or not he does shows or not, if Malik B was not an integral part of the roots...I'm sure they would've David Ruffin'd his ass out of the group a long time ago. Now, it is true that when I pay to see a roots show I would like to see the starting lineup, but if my man is out with injuries, then there's no way we could expect him to perform on the same level as the rest of the team, so they hold it down in his absence. Grant that man some solace. Don't say he's fucked up! Ask WHY is he fucked up! ANd offer your hand the next tiime you see his stankin ass!

"The toes you step on today, may be connected to that ASS you gotta kiss tomorrow" Yogi of CRU