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Topic subjectSTFU!!!!
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18334, STFU!!!!
Posted by sundasill, Wed Mar-21-01 01:03 PM
>Why does he deserve more credit?
>Granted he's kicked some nice
>verses, especially on Illadelph, but
>why does he deserve a
>bunch of credit for a
>few nice verses?

The guy
>has had the oppurtunity to
>be in the best live
>band going right now, in
>any genre of music, and
>he shits on it because
>he's so fucked up. That
>doesn't deserve credit to me,
>that warrants a head examination.
******And you don't need a mental magnifying glass,hmmmmm....

>Malik is not a true
>member of the Roots, The
>Roots have made their living
>as a live band first
>and foremost and he is
>never there.
*****Who the fuck are you,do you know their relationship????

Even when he
>is he's only there in
>body, not in spirit. I
>wonder if he'll even be
>on the next album at
>all, he's definitely getting phased
>out and I personally could
>care less. The Roots Crew
>will roll on without him.
********wish you was in his shoes huh!!!
get a mopbucket yah scrub.......

yall motherfuckers kill me with this bullshit.You don't know that man,you don't know that mans fight,nor his situation,yet yall get swole like pimples on promnight.

CharlieParker was about as fucked up you can get,we make ODB look like a boyscout-eaglescout even.Still Charlie got his props
you may not approve of any artist lifestyle which alot are way morst than what you think you know about Malik B-As far as skills he put his foot in verses...
and the choice of him on the next plate is and will never be urs