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18325, RE: retract/response
Posted by DaFlashman, Thu Mar-22-01 09:01 PM

Heh. It's funny though, living in the midwest, nobody has
ever greeted me with "howdy" once. Maybe if I lived somewhere
further South like Missouri... nah! :)

>i paraphrase my shit quick. i
>was saying that (although no
>big newsflash) malik and i
>have our differences. his shit
>is still incredible.

Word. I suppose that given what we've seen and heard of
Malik both on and off Okayplayer it might just be best said
he has an "artistic temperament" - many creative people do.
As a fan I'm just glad he's still willing to make music.

>>I actually thought he came off
>>nice on "100% Dundee."
>that's what i said.

My apoplogies if I was redundant. :)

>>the delivery was more energetic.
>>What I listen to when
>>I play that song in the
>>ride is the production -
>>the very subtle "oooooooh, oooooooh" harmonies in
>>the backdrop that just make the whole
>>shit lovely.
>glad you noticed. me and daddy
>kindred (must i call him
>that) took a few hours
>to perfect that jawn.

It shows. Highly crafted and finely tuned like a
baller's Impala. Not many rap groups have such great
emcees and I +still+ want to hear the instrumentals
seperately; but The Roots is one of a select few.

>>BTW Quest your sig file is
>>entertaining to read but
>>that ish is like five pages
>>long! And I gather
>>that you did it originally to make
>>a point too..
>nope. just proving a point to
>source alum dream hampton that
>my memory is crammed with
>useless info (i memorised all
>the ratings). also wanted to
>show how many classic joints
>got @@@@1/2 and how many
>@@@@@ joints really didn't deserve it.

Yeah; how did "Edutainment" get five mics anyway?
Don't get me wrong I love the album but even among
BDP's catalogue it's not a high point - it's probably
the most didactic and preachy of all their shit. "Sex
and Violence" shoulda been five mics and "Edutainment"
somewhere around three and a half.. maybe four.
How the fuck did FOABP get three and a half though?
Somebody was +SMOKING+. Same for "Resurrection."

Peace, Flash

PS: Why does dream always get ripped on UrbanExpose?
I never understood why people wanna hate her so bad.

"They say I look and sound funny but I don't be carin"
--> The Imperial Biz Markie
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