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Topic subjectwhat happened to fruity d?
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18324, what happened to fruity d?
Posted by AbdulJaleel, Thu Mar-22-01 05:01 PM
just jokes

Daddy Kindred is my iqwaan


and leave the Krasdale Kru a message:

in Atlanta at (404) 978-1262 x1184
in Los Angeles at (213) 401-2100 x6844
in San Fran at (415) 430-2161 x2258
in Wash. DC at (202) 756-4100x 9180
in Houston at (713) 590-2341 x5629
in New York at (917) 421-3901 x1725
in Chicago at (312) 777-4001 x5423

confusion is nothing new - Cindy Lauper