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18323, retract/response
Posted by qoolquest, Thu Mar-22-01 01:19 PM
>Before I start this post I
>just want to say "Whattup


>A lot of people +try+ to
>get you to respond and
>never do,
>so I'm just glad for a
>quick opportunity to rap about


>>i have differences.
>>but i must agreee.
>I know you like to be
>obscure and a little contradictory
>(great artists usually are) but I'm
>not sure what the
>"differences" are because you "agree" in
>the next line
>with AbdulJaleel.

i paraphrase my shit quick. i was saying that (although no big newsflash) malik and i have our differences. his shit is still incredible.

>>malik ain't ever get no hungrier
>>than "the spark" and "100%dundee"
>>et al.
>I actually thought he came off
>nice on "100% Dundee."

that's what i said.
>I think if Malik had rapped
>"The Spark" on DYWM?!!??!
>with the exact same words I'd
>jock it more just because
>the delivery was more energetic.
>What I listen to when
>I play that song in the
>ride is the production -
>very subtle "oooooooh, oooooooh" harmonies in
>backdrop that just make the whole
>shit lovely.

glad you noticed. me and daddy kindred (must i call him that) took a few hours to perfect that jawn.

>BTW Quest your sig file is
>entertaining to read but
>that ish is like five pages
>long! And I gather
>you did it originally to make
>a point too.. but I'm
>sure it's been archived so many
>times now it IS made.

nope. just proving a point to source alum dream hampton that my memory is crammed with useless info (i memorised all the ratings). also wanted to show how many classic joints got @@@@1/2 and how many @@@@@ joints really didn't deserve it.

the source mic ratings 1990-2001

-edutainment (funny in the annivrsery issue they left this out...but i have the ice cube issue when they first started rating albums)
-people's instintive travels and the paths of rhythm
-amerikkka's most wanted
-let the rhythm hit em
-all for one
-de la soul is dead
-life after death
-niggaz4life* (not reveiwed but in summer issue 92 they mentioned it as a 5mic classic)

-sex and violence
-buisiness as usual
-business never personal
-whut thee album
-breaking atoms
-death certifacate
-buhloone mindstate
-the chronic
-enter the 36 chambers
-life after death
-the infamous
-only built 4 cuban links
-illadelph halflife
-hell on earth
-bow down
-i am
-murder muzick
-life story
-classic limited edition vol 1
-guerilla warfare
-in my lifetime vol.3
-la rock familia
-ecleftic:two sides to a story
-moment of truth
-supreame clientel
-last of a dying breed
-the truth

the gag mics-
fear of a black planet-@@@1/2
da shinin-@@@
the beatnuts-@@@1/2**
mos def and talib kweli are black star-@@@1/2
the love movement-@@@1/2
fantastic vol 2-@@@1/2

*-source never reviewed, but mentioned in summer issue that it was a 5 mic classic.

**-the only record to change a rating after printing. in the next issue they printed (in fine print that it was a @@@@ mic album)