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Posted by DaFlashman, Thu Mar-22-01 08:54 AM
Before I start this post I just want to say "Whattup Quest?"
A lot of people +try+ to get you to respond and never do,
so I'm just glad for a quick opportunity to rap about Malik.

>i have differences.
>but i must agreee.

I know you like to be obscure and a little contradictory
(great artists usually are) but I'm not sure what the
"differences" are because you "agree" in the next line
with AbdulJaleel.

>malik ain't ever get no hungrier
>than "the spark" and "100%dundee"
>et al.

I actually thought he came off nice on "100% Dundee."
That's probably my favorite Malik rap on the album.
I think somehow my point got lost though; and that this
got taken down a "non-islamic heads can't relate" thread.
(BTW Abdul I visisted your ImamJamil site, it's very
informative. I should have known the media misled me.)

>everyshit he said was true.

I don't see the truth of "The Spark" being disputed.
I don't kneel and pray to the East, nor do I recognize
any organized form of religion (personal reasons) but
I don't disrespect any artist's personal religious
beliefs or find fault with bringing them into music.
I think if Malik had rapped "The Spark" on DYWM?!!??!
with the exact same words I'd jock it more just because
the delivery was more energetic. What I listen to when
I play that song in the ride is the production - the
very subtle "oooooooh, oooooooh" harmonies in the
backdrop that just make the whole shit lovely. Roots
productions always wow me like that - layers and layers.

>the music might have covered it
>up. but he put his
>own personal hell on them joints.
>"i walk around a little edgy already...."

I see that shit in his bio page on the website too;
and it goes with the "Malik doesn't tour" ish we've
been talking all along. I'm sure for Malik religion
is a stabilizing factor in his life for all the tension
and stress he feels; and like I said just because I
don't pray to the East doesn't mean that I don't respect
the fact that he does or that it gives him solace.

BTW Quest your sig file is entertaining to read but
that ish is like five pages long! And I gather that
you did it originally to make a point too.. but I'm
sure it's been archived so many times now it IS made. :)

Peace, Flash

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