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18320, RE: sheeeeit
Posted by AbdulJaleel, Thu Mar-22-01 07:10 AM
I wanna get Malik on Mt. Arafat next Hajj season, insha'allah
or at least dua for him

not to slight you ?uest, cuz you are the coolest and most generous person this side of I 95, but i remember the first time i ever met you at the Bowery. I gave you a letter to give to Abdul-Malik.

Although the Islam and the Street is connected in some twisted way, Malik appeals to my inner most being with a line or two. The life of this world is a trial, and he spits that.

I got mad love for my man

When he gave salawat to the prophet muhammad (saws) on bahamadia first jawn and i cried.

and leave the Krasdale Kru a message:

in Atlanta at (404) 978-1262 x1184
in Los Angeles at (213) 401-2100 x6844
in San Fran at (415) 430-2161 x2258
in Wash. DC at (202) 756-4100x 9180
in Houston at (713) 590-2341 x5629
in New York at (917) 421-3901 x1725
in Chicago at (312) 777-4001 x5423

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