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Topic subjectRE: you make a good point
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18315, RE: you make a good point
Posted by DaFlashman, Tue Mar-20-01 09:17 PM
>now there are people that thnk
>that thought crushes malik every
>time, but i beg to differ

It wasn't so bad on DYWM or Halflife but on
TFA he starts to sound outclassed, like his
heart really isn't in it any more. I get the
feeling he'll end up being the Jarobi to BT's
Q-Tip; always mentioned as a part of the group
but never around any more and never performing.
His dislike for the road is already well-known.

>"It aint all about economy
>so the fact that these wack
>emcees is making G's don't bother me
>Honestly, my number one policy is quality
>never sell my soul is my philosophy" - Binary Star

Love that quote. Binary Star is Michigan's best
kept secret. http://www.subterraneousrecords.com

Peace, Flash

"They say I look and sound funny but I don't be carin"
--> The Imperial Biz Markie
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