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Topic subjectRE: MALIK B
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18312, RE: MALIK B
Posted by ladyteach, Wed Mar-21-01 01:41 PM
>Malik B is bad for Malik
>B's health. Cat is fucked
>up for real.

>Malik brings
>very little to the table
>onstage and I imagine he's
>a huge headache off it.

Imagination is a powerful tool when used properly, try it sometime.

>Personally I don't even really
>consider him a part of
>the Roots at this point.
>He's just a cat that
>occasionally rhymes on a track
>with them.

When did you start making decisions for the group?

>I'm more used
>to seeing Malik as that
>fucked-up dude all over the
>bars and clubs of Philly
>and those that really know
>him know he's got issues.

Who doesn't have issues??? I do know him personally, and yeah he does, just like anyone. But you seem to have a grudge or something! What's your real beef? I rarely post, but your effed up 'tude need some kind of response.