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Topic subjectno he dont have a prob
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18310, no he dont have a prob
Posted by sundasill, Wed Mar-21-01 01:18 PM
But we see you do.....nm

Malik B is bad for Malik
>B's health. Cat is fucked
>up for real.
******Fucked up how????
***cuz he not like you,life get one 4 real

As for
>him doing shows with the
>Roots, I think I've seen
>him 3 times: E.Factory in
>Feb-right before TFA, 9:30 Club
>a couple of months after
>that, and lastly The Roots/Gangstarr
>show at Hammerstein about a
>year and a half ago-this
>was the show that prompted
>Quest to post on these
>boards that Malik is an
>asshole and he would never
>perform with the Roots again.
>Son was way fucked-up, staggering
>about the stage, dumping a
>water bottle over his head
>and then almost falling in
>the puddle, Thought having to
>finish his lines for him.

****-ummm this nothing new far as hiphop shows

Malik brings
>very little to the table
>onstage and(((((((( I imagine)))))) he's
>a huge headache off it.

******speculations,fuck all the drama kid,you got beef open it

>Personally I don't even really
>consider him a part of
>the Roots at this point.
>He's just a cat that
>occasionally rhymes on a track
>with them.
*******Ur personal feelings no gripe here

I'm more used
>to seeing Malik as that
>fucked-up dude all over the
>bars and clubs of Philly
>and those that really know
>him know he's got issues.
*********I guess you a perfect lil angel huh
just cuase your with the roots you have to be perfect

ummmmm,news flash flavor flav yet they still are PE

It seems you have a bitter grip on how Malik B carries his self
which has nothing to do with his artistic talents.

I seriously think you need to research a lot of great musicans and shit cuz what Malik b is doing can't begin to fuck with the list i have..............