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18309, RE: MALIK B
Posted by Bombastic, Wed Mar-21-01 11:48 AM
Malik B is bad for Malik B's health. Cat is fucked up for real. As for him doing shows with the Roots, I think I've seen him 3 times: E.Factory in Feb-right before TFA, 9:30 Club a couple of months after that, and lastly The Roots/Gangstarr show at Hammerstein about a year and a half ago-this was the show that prompted Quest to post on these boards that Malik is an asshole and he would never perform with the Roots again. Son was way fucked-up, staggering about the stage, dumping a water bottle over his head and then almost falling in the puddle, Thought having to finish his lines for him. Incidentally, this show was the night before Rahzel's solo dropped and I haven't seen him perform with the Roots since. Now Rahzel I actually miss seeing, he isn't integral to the band but he added some different elements that could enhance a show. Malik brings very little to the table onstage and I imagine he's a huge headache off it. Personally I don't even really consider him a part of the Roots at this point. He's just a cat that occasionally rhymes on a track with them. I'm more used to seeing Malik as that fucked-up dude all over the bars and clubs of Philly and those that really know him know he's got issues. peace.