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Topic subjectTwo Namez I Agree On
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18273, Two Namez I Agree On
Posted by Grand_Styles, Thu Mar-22-01 09:13 PM
Afta readin tonz uv replies/suggeztionz & thinkin bout a few name myself this iz what I've thought. I have ta agree wit Treblefree & Brandard on Jaguar'z changin her name ta avoid legal problemz. Treblefree suggezted "Jagwar" which kinda putz da firey punch ta her name once ya her it. Brandard suggezted "Lady Jaguar" which izn't az hardcore fo a rapper'z name but it do let katz know dat she'z a female emcee ready ta take command. Changin her name ta a completely different name would make her sum uv da katz dat juz knowin bout her forget about her since theyre uze ta Jaguar already, by juz uzin sumtin in similar punctuation uv Jaguar will keep mo katz on track on who she iz, youknowhatImsayin? Anyway juz rememba dis, itz eitha my dyrektion or hit da phunkyn matryx konnektionz.....DAMMYT!!!!!

Peace & Chicken Greaze!

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