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Topic subjectSerious suggestions...
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18249, Serious suggestions...
Posted by guest, Thu Mar-22-01 10:55 AM
I saw Jag in boston and was blown away.
I didn't think the name was anythang amazing but that's what I think of her as.
If u need 2 call her sumpthin' else find sumpthin' simple... that will last as long as I think she will... alont of artists get caught up with catchy names that will sound out of date in 2 years.
I predict she will b a long time player in the industry.

my suggestions...

1. Her real name (first name, first and last, just last, first and last initial a la NPG and Revolution members, first initial and last name a la J. Hayes :), any kind of combination) This may make some people take her more seriously.

2. a nick name that suits her... Jaguar is cool, or sumpthin' silly that her mama calls her.

3. actually I think Mama or Lady Jag(uar) would b cool.

Anyway... thats my 2 cents. Peace, J. Hayes