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17981, RE: you nasty
Posted by stylus, Mon Mar-12-01 12:41 PM
Too many drunk people.
And I was left out of all the secret smutting, and I was forced to drive everyone around in a car that wasn't mine.
I felt left out, worst weekend of my life.


"Musta been bitten by a rabbit/Actin silly like that, your pop culture need a diaper change" - PosWonderWhy, De La Soul, "Declaration"

"You're only as strong as your weakest link so you better think before you put your man on" - 3LG, "Chain of Events"

"Burn... like the logo of the Arsonists/ From the pew to the parsonage/and the liquor store next door shit/ It's all good lover! / Cuz if I unsettle the metal, leave 'em tappin like Savion Glover" - Kokayi, Opus Akoben, "Gangsta Boogie"

"So please give me the strength to trample these snakes, Allah. If I scuff my Timb's at least it was a worthy cause." - SubZ, Opus Akoben, "Art of War"